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Title Broadstone and Poole Positive Living Group
Venue Broadstone Library, 10 Story Lane, Poole BH18 5EQ
Map Show location  
Contribution £5 (includes refreshments)

Sarah Haywood or Noel Lockyer-Stevens


Tel. Noel 07504633985 or Sarah 07919343613

Email Noel lockyerstevens@hotmail.com or Sarah sarah@aspire2befree.co.uk
Schedule Meetings take place on the every first and third Tuesday of the month

16-07-13 Antioxidants
  Speaker: Joanne Guy
02-07-13 Alchemy of the Heart
  Speaker: Sandra Keenan
18-06-13 The Secrets of Mindfulness
  Speaker: Robert Gebka
04-06-13 Solving the Mystery of Your Purpose
  Speaker: Brett Morgan
21-05-13 Angel Aura's
  Speaker: Fiona Grant
  Fiona Grant will talk about Angel Aura's and how we can be guided and helped by angels in our lives
07-05-13 Biodanza
  Speaker: Mila Burgin
  Mila Burgin will show us Biodanza, a movement system that invites a rediscovery of our instinctive intelligence and celebrates our unique individuality
16-04-13 Discover 'True Self' and set STANDARDS, NOT GOALS for real success
  Speaker: Derek Mills
02-04-13 Experiencing being a Volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  Speaker: Gill Webb
19-03-13 Memory and Imagination
  Speaker: Harvey Taylor
  Using your memory and imagination to its full potential
05-03-13 Who Am I and Who Are You?
  Speaker: Noel Lockyer Stevens
  A talk about how and why we get on with other people, or don't
19-02-13 Songs from the Heart
  Speaker: Victor Checuti
05-02-13 Touch for Health
  Speaker: Alison Todd
15-01-13 From Losing Weight to Gaining Life
  Speaker: Dr Krishan Ramyead

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