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Title London Forum
Venue The George pub, upstairs bar, 213 Strand, WC2R 1AP
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Contribution £7 (includes refreshments)
Contact Margaret or Sally
Tel +44 (0) 20 8671 5417 or +44 (0) 020 7352 4706
Email Margaret. mnovakovic@hotmail.co.uk Sally. mudge@yahoo.co.uk
Web www.londoncircles.net
Schedule Wednesdays 19.00. Nearest Tube is Temple


The London Forum aims to provide an interesting series of talks, with experienced speakers as well as others who are emerging as talented presenters, and may be new to you. We have meetings from September to the following April each year. Our background was wth the Centre for Crop Circle Studies, and we still have a major interest in the formations. We run a coach trip in July to visit explore, and share our experiences of them. Many of us attend the Crop Circle conferences, particularly the famous Glastonbury Symposium in July, and the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group one, in August. We also invite speakers with a knowledge of other ancient and modern mysteries, who can take us beyond the everyday ordinary, to possible explorations of mythic, esoteric and spiritual experiences. Come with an open mind and your questions too! Join the Friends of the London Forum, free, and get monthly newsletters with all the information.


A Conspiracy history of the World

  Speaker: Andy Thomas

Gateways to the Heavens Cornerstones of Spirituality

  Speaker: Karen L French

Ghost Stories, and Seeing the Light

  Speaker: Todd Acamesis

The Great Gobekli Tepe Mystery

  Speaker: Andrew Collins
11-12-13 Resisting War from within the Military
  Speaker: Ben Griffin
13-11-13 Revelations from the Afterlife
  Speaker: Tim Coleman
16-10-13 Etheric Gateways
  Speaker: Christian Kyriacou
11-09-13 Crop Circles 2013 and the New Era
  Speaker: Andy Thomas

Transforming the Global Agenda

  Speaker: Andy Thomas
  The world changes rapidly, social uprisings, economic instability, more new cover-ups and conspiracies are being revealed. How do we stay sane and positive? Andy returns to give an illuminating overview of the current key issues

UFO's and the Extraterrestial Message

  Speaker: Richard Lawrence

Richard's fascinating talk presents overwhelming evidence for extraterrestial contact in a whole new light. Drawing from Ex-file exposes, ancient records, religions and the channelling of contactee Dr George King, Richard helps to answer big questions, why they are here and their message to Earth.


Living a Passionate Life Presenter

  Speaker: JP Morgan Jr

JP's mission is helping people create a life they truly love. It's about finding your passion, exploring, creating and living fully, with a major focus on human connection, foundation of your growth and success


Is There Life After Death?

  Speaker: Anthony Peake

Tony presents his galvanising theory which seeks to answer the question. 'What Happens When We Die?' and also suggests explanations for numerous paranormal phenomena. He is a brilliant presenter who draws together research from many relevant disciplines

04-12-12 Seeing the Light through Ancient Eyes
  Speaker: Gregory Sams
07-11-12 Vortex of Energy. Physics of Mysticism
  Speaker: David Ash

Love and Light in the Big City

  Speaker: Nigel Grace
18-09-12 Review of the Crop Circle Season 2011
  Speaker: Andy Thomas
10-04-12 Chaos. Could an Ancient Archetype save C21st Civilisation?
  Speaker: Lucy Wyatt
  Lucy explores evidence of origins of ancient cities, suggesting a mysterious shamanic caste who ruled the city states accessed a common archetype that has relevance now. She is an independent researcher and writer
13-03-12 Past Lives. Reality or Fiction?
  Speaker: Wissam Awad
  Experience one of your own past lives by way of group regression, and learn about the Journey of the Soul and how Soul Contracts affect your life. Wissam is highly qualified in both Regression and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy He has a practice in SW London
14-02-12 The Unfolding Mystery of the Bosnian Pyramids and the Gift of the Ancients to our World today
  Speaker: Nigel Grace
  These ancient structures are revealing many secrets and awakening a new consciousness in relation to human evolution and the universe. Nigel has worked with Deepak Chopra and several mystics, experiencing profound connection with higher orders of Creation
10-01-12 The Profound Shakespeare Enigma, Who really wrote these great works?
  Speaker: Peter Dawkins
  There is huge controversy about the true identity of the author, and a recent film. Peter is a philosopher, seer and geomancer who has studied the mystery traditions in great depth, & published several books, including his Wisdom of Shakespeare series
06-12-11 The Vortex Theory: Where Science meets Spirit
  Speaker: David Ash

The vortex spins into infinite space, explaining electric charge, magnetism, energy and consciousness, the ground of all being. David is a fascinating & fun speaker, singer, song writer & author. He concludes with a sacred Sabai blessing meditation conducted to music

08-11-11 Mind Movies
  Speaker: Jazz Rasool

Discover where you really are in your life and how to find a clearer direction. Jazz is a Scientific Spiritualist, Spiritual Scientist and brilliant entrepreneur who will explain the laws of attraction and manifestation and how you can apply them in your life


The Mystery of the Holy Shroud of Turin

  Speaker: Dr Andrew Silverman

Incredible new images and research show the most convincing evidence ever that this must be the Shroud of Jesus. Andrew is a medical doctor, he was fascinated to know how the image could have formed and cannot be replicated. His research has answered all those who continue to assert that this was a 12th century fake.

06-09-11 Review of the Crop Circle Season 2011
  Speaker: Andy Thomas

See all the finest formations of 2011, hear news, views and opinions and share yours. Andy is a long-time Crop Circle researcher, author of Vital Signs, The Truth Agenda and several more books.

14-04-11 Mysteries of the Ancient Olmecs
  Speaker: Hugh Newman
17-03-11 Countdown to Coherence
  Speaker: Hazel Courtney
17-02-11 Mysterious Mounds on Mars, UFOs & Extra Terrestrial Life
  Speaker: Ananda Sirisena

Multi-Dimensional Man. An authentic eye-witness account of the world that awaits us after death

  Speaker: Jurgen Ziewe
09-12-10 The Shaman's Last Apprentice
  Speaker: Rebekah Shaman
18-11-10 Earth Stars: City of Revelation
  Speaker: Chris Street
21-10-10 Crop Circles: The Hidden Mystery
  Speaker: Francine Blake
30-09-10 Review of the Crop Circle Season
  Speaker: Andy Thomas

The Origins of Humankind Ancient Advanced Civilisations of South Africa The Rise of Global Consciousness

  Speaker: Michael Tellinger

Long before the Egyptians ever saw the light of day, an advanced civilisation of humans lived in southern Africa mining gold. These were also the people who carved the first Horus bird, the first Sphinx, built the first Pyramids and built an accurate stone calendar right in the heart of it all. Adam's Calendar is the flagship among millions of circular stone ruins, ancient roads, agricultural terraces and thousands of ancient mines, left behind by a vanished civilisation which we now call the FIRST PEOPLE.

  • Where did humankind SUDDENLY appear from around 280 000 years ago?
  • Exposing the largest and most mysterious ANCIENT STONE CITY ever constructed
  • Why has humankind been so obsessed with GOLD since the earliest of time?
  • Advanced knowledge of SACRED geometry by these early civilisations.
  • Mono-Atomic gold and White Powder of gold… AND many more new scientific discoveries
  • Unravelling the rise of universal consciousness
  • How does science explain the 2012 prophecies
  • Latest discoveries in DNA and genetics and how it helps our spiritual evolution

TIME: 6:45 for 7:15 pm VENUE: Theodore Bullfrog Pub (Upstairs Room) 26 John Adam St, Charing Cross, London WC2N 6HL (Conveniently located next door to Charing Cross Station) Entry: Pre-book by April 15 th, £8.00 / From April 16th , £10.00. On the door, £12.00 Contact Margaret at: mnovakovic@hotmail.co.uk , Tel: 020 8671 5417

22-04-10 Mind and Matter. The Evidence for Connection
  Speaker: Martin Peniak
25-03-10 The Genius Groove
  Speaker: Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton
25-02-10 The Wessex Astrum. Sacred Geometry in a Mystical Landscape
  Speaker: Peter Knight
21-01-10 The Missing Years of Jesus
  Speaker: Dennis Price

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