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Title Earthstars Sacred Space

Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT.
Talks take place at the eurythmy room on the third floor of Rudolf Steiner House
Rudolf Steiner House is situated close to Regent's Park and four minutes from Baker Street underground station. Buses - 2, 13, 18, 27, 30, 74, 82, 113, 139, 159, 274

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This series of talks brings together a number of speakers and presenters who have approached the question of Sacred Space from a number of directions, related to their interests and life quest. They will share the results of their research and show how they put them into practice. It appears to be a phenomenon of our times that more and more people are following a call to look into other dimensions of our existence, whether through work with ancient sites, exploration of broken landscape temples or our built environment. Ancient knowledge is being rediscovered and applied today. It meets an obvious need when we are confronted with so many natural and economic disasters. The world is changing fast and it is difficult to know where it will all end.

With these talks, we hope to gain an insight into how the spirit of the time lives in our world and how we can gain confidence that despite the world's problems, ways can be found to repair the damage wrought by humanity and to create a world worth living in. Marion Briggs

  Listed below are just some of the many events held at Rudolf Steiner House


Earthstars Group Meeting. Alban Arthan - Light of Winter

  Speaker: Chris Street
  In this darkest time of the year we celebrate the return of the Divine Child, the Mabon, the rebirth of the golden solstice Sun, who will bring warmth, light and life back to Earth again. The Wheel of the Year revolves beyond death and towards new light and new life. It seems appropriate then that we use this time of year to bring the Earthstars Sacred Space events to a conclusion. We appear to have come to the end of a cycle where after nearly 10 years the old way of working has run its course and something new needs to emerge. Therefore we will perform a closing ceremony and create a space for the new to emerge. Bring along poems, music, recollections and wishes for the coming year.


Through Technology from Tools to Technosophy

  Speaker: Patrick Dixon


World Peace and Prayer Day Gathering

Avebury Group Event:
Solstice meditation, followed by World Peace prayer and blessing led by Wakan Hopi Zephier, daughter of Arvol Looking Horse, Water blessing led by Abuela Tonalmitl, Grandmother guardian of the Ancestral traditions of Mexicayotl in Mexico and a Ceremony led by Philip Shallcrass, (Greywolf) Chief of the British Druid Order

Followed from 12.00 by World Peace and Prayer Day Symposium 12.00-18.00 Venue: AVEBURY SPORTS AND SOCIAL CLUB, Avebury Symposium Tickets price 29 pounds Click here to buy your tickets: bit.ly/2HATCZI. This is a non-profit event: charges are to contribute to the costs of bringing overseas speakers to the UK.

The full programme for both the Gathering and the Symposium and other information regarding the day is here: www.earthenergynetwork.co.uk/files/5515/2863/4625/180606-WPPD-Draft-Order-v3b_2.pdf.



Free Energy: Ether Technology. A question of our Time

  Workshop With: Ralf Roessner
  Ralf Roessner will lead a one-day seminar on free energy. Ralf is continuing a line of researchers into the occult mechanism of free energy, following John Worrell Keely and the first attempts made under Rudolf Steiner by Rudolf E Maier, Hans Buchheim and Hermann Von Dechend. In this seminar he will demonstrate the open secret involving the different ethers, peach blossom and the fifth chamber of the heart. Brother and Sisterhood is a social necessity and condition of the Spiritual World for a future form of energy on the Earth


Water - The Elixir of Life

  Speaker: Ralf Roessner
  When talking about life and nourishment, we cannot avoid talking about water. Water is the most universal nutrient for all living organisms on our planet. It is a primordial source of life, a nourishing stream without beginning or end, which nourishes us over and over again. In his presentation, Ralf will speak about water in religion, fairy tale and as wellspring of nature


Earthstars Meeting. The Return of the Goddess

  Speaker: Chris Street
  As we approach Beltane, we move further into spring and towards the summer. We will go a step deeper into the understanding of landscape geometry and the significance of the revelations in the last decades of patterns in the landscape such as in Rennes-le-Chateau and Bornholm Island as well as the London Earthstar


Earthstars Meeting. Conversations with the Earth Spirit

  Speaker: Chris Street
  Increasing numbers of people are waking to the Earth as a living being and engaging in conversation with her many manifestations; nature spirits, trees, springs and sacred places. Come and share what experiences you have what was your first encounter with a living presence? What conversations have you had in London, working with the Earthstar, or elsewhere, and see if we can come to a better understanding of the Spirit of the Earth and why she is calling us at this time


Earthstars Meeting

  Speaker: Chris Street
  In this Earthstars meeting, we will hold a conversation based on the film shown at our 8th March meeting: The Original Da Vinci Code with Henry Lincoln and Erling Haagensen who worked on unravelling the landscape geometry of Rennes-le-Chateau and Bornholm Island. Chris will relate it to his discovery of the London Earthstar


Sacred Geometry and the Earth Temple. A showing of the film The Original DaVinci Code
  After the publication of The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail, Henry Lincoln went on to carry out a more interesting piece of research into the geometry and alignments of the geographical features in the area around Rennes-le-Chateau, recognising it as a sacred place. Around the same time, Denmarks Erling Haagensen found that 4 mediaeval round churches were built at sites on Bornholm Island based on the sacred geometry used by the Knights Templar elsewhere in Europe, including Rennes-le-Chateau. This evening we will show a film, The Original Da Vinci Code, telling the story of Henry Lincoln and Erling Haagensens discoveries


Guardians, Guides and Lovers. Mortal interaction with non-human entities at sacred sites

  Speaker: Jack Gale
  Earth mysteries, psychogeography, surrealism, sex magic and divination all collide in this examination of interaction between mortals and otherworldly dwellers at sacred sites. A look at the gentle art of divination using an A-Z is also included. The talk will be strongly from experience and illustrated by a number of case histories


Our Personal Stories of Ancient Stone Mystery Centres

  Speaker: Mary Anne Paterson
  Mary Anne's interest in the Mysteries was first inspired by an early love of Iona and Fingals Cave and later by warm and happy evenings spent with an old Edinburgh friend and near neighbour Ogilvie Crombie, better known as ROC, and his delightful invitations to interesting places and to the then very small community of Findhorn. She would like you to join her in an informal sharing of some of our most memorable journeys into these mysteries and how they have informed your life


Is It Time for Sirius Renewal?

  Speaker: Laurence Main
  It can be discerned that at present humanity finds itself at the end of two concurrent periodic cycles relating to Sirius; a 1461 year Sothic cycle the basis for the Egyptian calendar and the Dogons 60 year Sigui cycle celebrating World Renewal. The Druids also respected a 1500 year rotation to the celestial seasons as exemplified by the life cycle of the sacred oak, comprising three 500 year periods: ripening, maturity and decline. Mankind thus now finds itself at the dawn of fresh, acquiescing Sirian emanations. A time-gate of opportunity opens to forge a new beginning, lifting Earth out of crisis. Heavenly gifts come from the Light of Sirius deemed to be the Greater Sun. The time is right and we are the responsible souls present on Earth to effect this renewal!


Earthstars Meeting

  Speaker: Chris Street
  As changes continue and unexpected events occur, What gives hope for the coming year? What do you see as achievements from which new beginnings can arise? What experiences at sacred sites do you feel show changes for the better? Come along and share your experiences and aspirations


King Arthurs Camlam

  Speaker: Laurence Main
  Discover the truth about King Arthur's last battle (Camlan) and his death on Friday 24th June 537, in his nephew St Tydechos Church, Mallwyd, Gwynedd


Co-Creation with Sacred Land

  Speaker: Emma Stow
  Emma looks forward to sharing some of her adventures working with sacred land and how to connect directly with it through pilgrimage or intentional interaction, and how this is a powerful support to us and the planet as we undergo the current global transformation. She works with the soul consciousness of sacred land to support healing and soul connection both individually and plantetarily, which is a completely guided cocreation with the land itself


Samhain. A Celebration of the Dead and our Ancestors

  Earthstars Group Meeting:
  This is a most powerful day to communicate with spirits, ancestors and departed loved ones. This time marks the end of the Celtic year and the beginning of the next years cycle. Bonfires were built, there was divination and it was time for the wild hunt of the fairies that would ride the land and wreak havoc and mayhem. Come and share stories, poetry and music in celebration of our ancestors and remember those who have passed over. Please bring refreshments to share


How on Earth did we get Here? Evolution from a spiritual perspective

  Speaker: Marion Briggs
  Most ancient civilisations have a stories about a great flood which all but annihilated the human race. This equates to the time of the destruction of Atlantis. Looking at where we stand now, with the extreme weather events we are experiencing and the apparent dissolution of the known order, it would be easy to assume humanity is facing another similar catastrophe. Marion will look at how civilisation has evolved since the Flood, showing the changes in consciousness over this period, focussing on a particular stream of humanity beginning with the Druids. Places like the valley of the Bosnian Pyramids with its ancient tunnel system can show us where we might have reasons to be hopeful


Egyptian Alchemy Healing and Reading Past Lives

  Speaker: Joanna Bristow Watkins
  Fascinated by Egypt? Find out how studying Ancient Egyptian philosophies enabled Joanna to see Past Life 'insights' when working with her clients. This is then interpreted as a metaphor to help overcome physical discomfort and/or unwanted behaviour patterns towards positive life progress


Our Inter Dimensional Selves are Aligning to Make Contact

  Speaker: Lorraine Doherty
  Had someone discussed this stuff with Loraine 2 years ago she would have thought them a bit out there! Yet, through developing our abilities to become more sentient and to contact spiritual beings from other fields of awareness, shifts happen! Loraine is sharing this personal story which is about self; which relates, as we are all relatives (one), to each one of you; and how by synchronistic meetings and events she is joining the dots on Ravne tunnel, Skellig Michael, the Yaqui And Seri tribes of Sinaloa, Mexico and more, to gain an understanding of the resurrection story and how this equates to you


Earthstars Meeting

  Speaker: Chris Street
  The Earthstars Group, led by Chris Street, will meet to share more about working with the London Earthstar


From Sickle to Cyberspace. Thoughts on Contemporary Druidry

  Speaker: Penny Billington
  The Romans are reported to have annihilated the Druids at Ynys Mon, around 60 CE. So where have modern Druids come from, and how should they set about reconnecting with their spiritual roots? What are the motivations to crafting a relevant spirituality for the 21st century? Wide ranging ideas, humour and the invitation to question are key to this exploration


Christ Returning. Finding his Light in Nature. An introduction and workshop
  With: Peter Frank
  The space of London has long been prepared to let in the light of the Christ, radiating from the centre of the earth to be reflected on the surface. It is up to us as human beings to perceive this cosmic consciousness from within the earth, to strengthen our own hearts relationship to the Christ and to become conscious of the impulses for life inspired by this source. We will make contact with specific places in London chosen to awaken and to sharpen our ability to perceive the Christ in Nature. Simple exercises (GAIA TOUCH) and Presencing help us to connect to this light sphere, accompanied by insights about the changing of the earth, human being and society described to us by Peter.


The Awen of Taliesin. A Personal Perspective on the Path of Initiation

  Speaker: Annette Armstrong
  Poet, storyteller and esoteric pilgrim Annette Armstrong reflects on her own journey of initiation as a 20th/21st century woman. Like many seekers she has been inspired by the Great British Bard Taliesin, since first meeting him on a druid retreat in Iona twenty-two years ago. In this talk she will walk the path of Taliesin with you, reflecting on the spiritual teachings guiding her personal initiation journey


The Perpetual Choirs - Earthstars Group Meeting

  Speaker: Giles Bryant & Chris Street
  This multi-media presentation will feature stories of the perpetual choirs, its history, present and future return as well as stunning images and songs played on a range of beautiful instruments from around the world. It will also bring together for the first time a detailed presentation on the perpetual choirs with insights into the interconnection with the London Earthstar. The evening will culminate in a live version of Chris' visionary Earthstars Chant. Giles and Chris Street have been friends for many years, first meeting through the community and planetary healing work of Fountain International


Earthstars Meeting

  Speaker: Chris Street
  As we approach Imbolc, the Earthstars Group, led by Chris Street, will meet to share more about working with the London Earthstar


The Necessary Evil

  Speaker: Patrick Dixon
  The presence of what is called evil brings forth the question: Why does evil exist? We will explore the idea that evil is necessary to awaken the transforming powers in the Human Being that will eventually lead to the greatest good; even if this is only realised retrospectively


Earthstars Meeting

  Speaker: Chris Street
  Chris Street will speak about the nature of the London Earthstar followed by a meditation. We will close with refreshments in a pre-Winter Solstice and pre-Christmas celebration


The Mysteries of Samothrace

  Speaker: Julia Cleave
  Julia will explore the many striking parallels which exist between the practices surrounding the ancient mysteries of Samothrace and the rituals and symbolism of Freemasonry. Julia Cleave (MA Oxon) is a member of the Academic Board of the Temenos Academy. She has given papers at the Canonbury Masonic Research Centre conferences in 2005 (Burlesquing the Brotherhood) and in 2009 (Of Hiram, Aynone and Aymon). In 2008 she attended a conference on The Mysteries and Philosophy of Antiquity which was held on the Island of Samothrace


The Light Root

  Workshop Facilitator: Ralf Roessner


Free Energy is a Challenge for Us All

  Speaker: Ralf Roessner
  In Germany, the nuclear disaster in Japan triggered a frenzy in renewable energy activity which became a growing focus for the media. Wind, hydro, solar, biogas plants - what should we make of it? Are solutions to be found solely in these energy sources or are there perhaps other ways, other energies for mankind to harness? We often hear terms such as free energy, ether technology, occult mechanism or third force. What is really behind it?


The Bee, its Genius and its Significance for Nature and Humanity

  Workshop Facilitator: Ralf Roessner


The Bee, its Genius and its Significance for Nature and Humanity

  Speaker: Ralf Roessner
  People whose eyes and hearts are open to the processes of nature can observe how an individual bee is attracted to the flower. Beings are what lead the bees to the calyx. Through the ascending nectar of the flower grows a coloured glowing aura. Their "colour force game" forms an irresistible attraction to the sylphs, the light-drinking air beings. This aura now invites the honeybee. Only the bee is spiritual enough to make this cosmic fertilisation, which takes place in the interaction between blossom, sylph and bee. With the death of bees, our nutrition would be in cosmically spiritual poverty. The consequences for people, as for the whole of nature, would be a hardening in soul and spirit and a slow attack on human life on Earth


Genesis and Evolution of the Giza Pyramids

  Speaker: Andrew Collins
  For the last twelve years Andrew Collins has been working with chartered engineer Rodney Hale to understand the genesis and evolution of the Giza pyramid field. Together they have discovered a simple and previously unrecognised underlying geometry embracing not only the three main pyramids at Giza, but also the Sphinx monument. Andrew outlines their new approach to understanding the layout of the Giza pyramid field, which illustrates how during the epoch of their construction, ca. 2550-2500 BCE, the Giza Pyramids were locked into very specific alignments involving key stars of the constellation of Cygnus.


Shakespeare's Cymbeline. Finding a New Vision for Britain

  Speaker: Annette Armstrong
  Annette Armstrong is a storyteller in the oral tradition with an inclination for telling the great epic tales of Britain. For the Shakespeare Festival at Steiner House April 2016 she devised and performed a storytelling version of Shakespeare's play 'Cymbeline', set in Celtic Britain, which the Bard wrote in the reign of James 1 of England and VI of Scotland. While researching the play and reshaping it into story form, she dug deep into what Britain or 'the Honey Isle' was to the ancients; and how this island was perceived in Shakespeare's time before the existence of a British empire. In this referendum year there is a pressing need for those of us who live on this island, this Honey Isle to rediscover and re-imagine our island identity composed as it is of the three countries of Wales, Scotland and England. A Londoner born and bred with Irish mother and English father, Annette firmly believes that our vision of where we live is key to our understanding of who we are


The Lakota Star People

  Speaker: Loraine Doherty
  The First Nations of North America believe they were Star Seeded in certain underground tunnels and caves, which are widespread throughout the country. Loraine was sent to South Dakota in September 2012. With no prior knowledge of the area, incredible synchronicities led to her meeting the Lakota people and their belief system. This led in turn to Loraine meeting Arvol Looking Horse and her agreeing to organise World Peace and Prayer Day on 21st June 2018 in Avebury


The Ridgeway. Long Distance Trail Hike & Wild Camp Adventure

  Speaker: Andrew Taylor
  The Ridgeway is the oldest trackway in England and potentially the oldest road in Europe. It is filled with more than 7,000 years of multi-cultural history and earthworks including stone circles, burial mounds, hill top forts, flat mounds, huge white horse engravings, standing stones, leys and plenty of magic! Andrew will share his wild camping pilgrimage across the land including his ultra-light weight travelling lifestyle, methods and knowledge


The Light Root and the New Spiritual Stream of Nourishment

  Speaker: Ralf Roessner
  What is the significance of the light root? What is its importance for the development of consciousness and the resulting consequences for life and thinking? In his presentation, Ralf will cover areas such as the spiritual importance of the Light Root and the mission of our food plants; the three most important methods of cultivation, care of plants and storage of roots; the connection of the Being of the Light Root to the Being of the Bee; the origin of this plant and its connection to the present time; and the importance of gratitude for the cultivation of the Light Root


John Dee, Emperor Rudolf and their Mission for Europe

  Speaker: Ralf Roessner
  Doctor John Dee, learned man, philosopher, mathematician and astrologer, and Emperor Rudolf II of the Holy Roman Empire, King of Bohemia and Archduke of Austria, were both great European thinkers, ahead of their time. The connection between John Dee and Emperor Rudolf II was their mutual interest in mystical philosophical works. Dee's system of Order in the Angelic Realm served as an inspiration for the hierarchical order in Rudolfs Empire. Both were visionaries, whose insatiable passion for knowledge, as well as their untiring quest for the truth, was illumined and inspired by the divine spark of creative Imagination


Angel Healing and Alchemy

  Speaker: Joanna Gill
  Angelology is approximately 2,000 years old and is drawn from ancient wisdom linked to the Essenes. They believed that working with angels daily was key to attaining spiritual and physical harmony. This ancient angelic wisdom is blended with the alchemy found in Hermetic philosophy and contemporary angelic beliefs. Angela McGerr (International Author & Angelologist) has developed these ancient mysteries into Angelology for the 21st century


The Earth is a Womb of Angels

  Speaker: David Ash
  From a life time of research as a spiritual scientist, David Ash has drawn the conclusion revealed to Emanuel Swedenborg that … angels arise from the souls of deceased human beings. He believes the Earth is a womb in which each of us decides through the way we live - the way we treat Life and each other - whether we are to become an angel of light, living continuously with Love and Life in light, or an angel of dark, separated from Love and Life in darkness. From his science and the overwhelming evidence of near death experiences, he suggests: Death is a delusion. It is not an end, it is a beginning. Death is our birth as an angel!


Giants on Record: America’s Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files

  Speaker: Hugh Newman
  Over 1000 reports of giant skeletons have been uncovered in North America. Some have double rows of teeth, horned skulls, powerful jaws, and elongated craniums. Most reports range the heights between 7ft and 12 ft with some examples going up to 18 ft, but it still doesn't answer the question of why this part of history has been so meticulously covered up. From New England, to Miami, Ohio and California, these giant skeletons have been dug up in the thousands, yet when the Smithsonian Institution got involved they mysteriously vanished. The reports, photos, excavations and eye-witness accounts - even from Abraham Lincoln and other luminaries - suggest that the history books are on the verge of being rewritten


Earthstars Group Open Meeting

  Speaker: Chris Street
  A meeting for everyone who has been working in and around London with the sacred spaces there and the places which form part of the Eathstars geometry. Chris Street will lead an open conversation where there will be an opportunity for us to share our experiences.


the Lakota Star People

  Speaker: Loraine Doherty
  The First Nations of North America believe they were Star Seeded in certain underground tunnels and caves, which are widespread throughout the country. Loraine was sent to South Dakota to place her DNA in sacred ground by her guides, the Echelons of Light, in September 2012. With no prior knowledge of the area, incredible synchronicities led to her meeting the Lakota people and their belief system. She pledged to return and she did so in September 2015. She gained an understanding of the ritual and ceremony with which they honour Mother Earth and the Sky Peoples, their unique approach to life, their emotional journey through life on a reservation and their true path as warriors. This led to Loraine meeting Arvol Looking Horse and her agreeing to organise World Peace and Prayer Day on 21st June 2018 in Avebury. This is to be a 3 day event, which will incorporate First Nation Elders from across the world in ceremony, prayer and storytelling. Loraine will share her experiences and plans for this world event in 2018


Earthstars Group Open Meeting

  Speaker: Chris Street
  We will continue the theme of sharing our experiences from our work in and around the sacred places of London, with a meditation, led by Chris Street


Rosslyn Chapel as a Temple of Initiation 

  Speaker: Jackie Queally
  This is a fully illustrated talk that escorts you round the aisles of Rosslyn Chapel in order to get a deeper understanding of the context the carvings were created in from a spiritual viewpoint. It touches on ancient Hebrew letters as light codes/creational codes without taking a scholastic approach


The Tarot Tour of London

  Speaker: Geraldine Beskin
  The Tarot Tour of London uses 22 of the major historical sites as the basis of the tour as they correspond with the major Arcana. There are obvious ones like the Wheel of Fortune being represented by the London Eye and the Tower card by the Tower of London. Others are not so easy to presume as it is their history, myth, legend and folklore that makes them complement the meaning of a card. Geraldine Beskin of The Atlantis Bookshop is a Londoner and occultist and is delighted to combine the two as she presents the capital from a fresh, new angle


Trails of the Unexpected

  Speaker: Geraldine Charles
  Samhain, Halloween, the time of the year, it is believed, the veil between the World's grows thin, when spirits move freely between their world and ours. Geraldine Charles would like to share some stories and also her experiences dowsing in and around the site of the Queen's House at Greenwich. Geraldine Charles is the Museum Archivist at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich


Earthstars Group Open Meeting

  Speaker: Chris Street

Earthstars Group members are scattered all over London, working in small groups with their local sacred sites, so it is time again to come together for an open meeting with a meditation and a talking stick circle. For the talking stick bring ideas, news of how you are finding the OBOD course, what you have been doing with your local sacred sites, questions. If you haven’t been to an Earthstars Group meeting yet, come along and share your experiences



From Gobekli Tepe to Gunang Padang. The Greater Antiquity of Human Civilisation
  Speaker: Andrew Collins
  Every year more evidence is emerging for the greater antiquity of human civilisation. The existence of the 12,000 year old megalithic temple complex of Gobekli Tepe in southeast Turkey is one example, and even England's own Stonehenge is now known to have had a prototype form as much as 10,000 years old. Now comes evidence of another pre-8000 BC site - Gunung Padang, in Java, Indonesia. Andrew, who visited Java earlier this year in an attempt to track down Gunung Padang's mysterious builders, reports on his findings, which include a universal belief regarding our ancestral origin among the stars


Creating a New Matrix of Peace

  Workshop: Marko Pogacnik
  There is a peace matrix pulsating in the memory of the Earth! The hope for a lasting peace on our home planet lies in renewing the archetypes of peace within the Earth, among its living beings, and peace among peoples and nations. The key to establishing peace is present within each one of us. The question is, how do we activate it? Let us work together on practical and creative ways to do this


Creating a New Matrix of Peace

  Speaker: Marko Pogacnik
  There is a peace matrix pulsating in the memory of the Earth! The hope for a lasting peace on our home planet lies in renewing the archetypes of peace within the Earth, among its living beings, and peace among peoples and nations. The key to establishing peace is present within each one of us. The question is, how do we activate it? Let us work together on practical and creative ways to do this


The Horned Spirit of the Trackways - Elen of the Leys

  Speaker: Caroline Wise
  Exploring the guardian spirit of the ancient routes across the land. Where does she come from, and how do we find her? What is her message for us today? For over 25 years Goddess expert Caroline Wise has been researching the origins of Elen, and she now presents the very latest views on this little known deity, who might easily have existed as long ago as Palaeolithic times, coinciding with the publication of her book 'Finding Elen: The Quest for Elen of the Ways'


The Sacred Directions - A Temple Journey around India

  Speaker: Giles Bryant
  India is one of the most ancient civilisations on Earth, with an unbroken spiritual tradition going back into pre-history. Giles Bryant has visited the 4 corners of India on pilgrimages to the countries sacred directions. In this presentation we will journey north to the Shiva temple of Neelkanth in the Himalayas, east to the Kali temple in Dakshineswar near Calcutta, south to Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu and west to the Krishna Gopinath temple and ancient rock carvings in the forests of Goa exploring sacred architecture, rituals and the mythology of the Gods. The talk will be interspersed with Giles’ beautiful songs inspired by his visits to these places


Earthstars Group Open Meeting

  Speaker: Chris Street
  Conversation and meditation. If you have had particularly interesting experiences at any sacred sites, please come and share them. If you are planning some workshops and walks of your own, share the details. Also please come if you just want to have a cuppa and a natter with your friends


Dragon Work - Healing the Past, Improving the Present and Co-Creating the Future

  With: Antoinette O’Connell and Ana Vidal  
  A one day workshop. Learning to work with the Mandala and Dragon Cards to co-create your ideal life. How to connect with the Earth and Universal Energies. Meet you guardian Dragon. Energetic Cleansing. Protection and Defence. Personal Empowerment. Self Care. Alignment and Activation with your own healing team. Booking essential


Founding the New Hermopolis. A Utopian Vision in Dystopian Times

  Speaker: Mervat Nasser

Dr Mervat Abdel Nasser will tell the remarkable story of realising her visionary project of the New Hermopolis in the deserts of middle Egypt What prompted her, working in England as a consultant psychiatrist for the NHS, to rediscover her roots in ancient Egypt and the transformative power of Hermetic philosophy? How was her dream of bringing hope, harmony and healing to the modern world to be achieved?



Earthstars Group Open Meeting

  Speaker: Chris Street
  Introduction by Chris followed by a sharing and a meditation


The Chapel in the Forest

  Speaker: Philip Carr-Gomm
  An illustrated talk on the Grail Chapel in Trehorenteuc, Brittany. In the 1940s, a Catholic priest in Brittany remodelled and redecorated a church as a grail chapel beside the mystical forest of Broceliande, with its many associations with Arthurian legend. Philip will give an illustrated talk about this chapel, and the surrounding area. Philip Carr-Gomm began studying Druidry as a spiritual path with Ross Nichols, the founder of The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, in his teens. In 1988 he was asked to lead The Order, and he combines this role with writing and giving talks and workshops


Ankerwycke Yew

  Field Visit: Elyse Pomeranz
  Join with Elyse to form a group who will approach the Ankerwycke Yew near Wraysbury. We will meet at Waterloo station at 10 am. Please allow time to buy your ticket before we meet at 10, or buy online beforehand. The Ankerwycke Yew was witness to the signing of the Magna Carta, whose 800th anniversary takes place this June. What do you feel are the new agreements we need in order to create new social structures? Can we involve the insights/inspirations of the Trees and in particular this tree to seed the new? Come and join in a research with this tree asking questions that include a full participation and relationship with the consciousness of Nature and the Earth. Cost £15 plus train fare (£11.20). Elyse will provide art supplies, but please bring a packed lunch. Venue: Ankerwicke Yew, Magna Carta Island, near Wraysbury, Berkshire


Tree Conversations: How can a Human Being and a Tree have conversation?

  Speaker: Elyse Pomeranz
  Join Elyse in a brief introduction to her work with mature and ancient trees. You will be invited to share your experiences of relationships with trees. Bring questions that you have about trees and also questions you would like to ask the trees


Sweet Chestnut Trees: At the Turning Point of Time

  A talk and workshops with Elyse Pomeranz
  Come and meet in conversation with the group of 500 year old Sweet Chestnut Trees in Greenwich Park. We will do some simple exercises with these trees. We will share our experiences. Our research together will be in regards to the changes taking place in our experience of time. Cost £15. Elyse will supply the art materials, but please bring a packed lunch. Venue: Greenwich Park.


Beyond Karma Drama into Soul Freedom

  Speaker: Andrea Foulkes
  Only by understanding the peace in our hearts can we achieve peace on earth, where violence ceases to exist, and where we respect and honour each other in love and unity. Life is not that complicated, it's just we humans make it harder than it need be. Once you open up to your true inner wisdom life becomes easier, and your path, a horizon of great potential. Andrea Foulkes has appeared on various television programmes, radio, press in relation to spiritual aspects of life, health, well-being and evolving consciousness through living in her heart, working with the Illuminated Beings of Light from various star systems. She holds talks and workshops all over the world
Upholding the Earth: Amplifying the Power of the Net of Light for the World

Join your Grandmother sisters and brothers for a weekend of deep connection to one another, to the ancestors, and to the lands of Albion. Our goal is deep healing, and our reach will be broad. The Great Council of the Grandmothers is taking us to greater depths. Their message is as ever a return to balance between Yin and Yang energies and respect for the underlying unity of all life. They ask that we live in the One Love and offer to guide us past the superficial boundaries of nationality, time, and space so we can do this. Together we will heal the past and in so doing heal the present. We will draw forth the pure power within the lands of Albion and connect it through the Net of Light with all places on Earth. At this Gathering we will engage in healing, forgiveness and reconciliation in so many dimensions. Working with the Great Council of the Grandmothers, we will cast and magnify the Net of Light throughout the Emerald and British Isles to:

  • Connect with the sacred power lying within the land
  • Feed this power into the Net of Light to support the earth
  • Connect with the ancestors of all who have lived in this specific geographic location.
  • Harmonize relationships and mend the wounds of individuals, cultures, races and nations.

If you feel called to be part of this service to yourself, your family, your country, and the family of life, please come. FFI log on to www.earthenergynetwork.co.uk



Journey to the Heart of Home: Discovering your Relationship with the Heart of Home

  Speaker: Christian Kyriacou
  Do you feel at home where you live? Did you choose your home' or did it choose you? Christian takes us on a journey of self-discovery, illuminating our relationship with home. He explores why we live where we do, revealing how our matching patterns can support or hinder us in our quest to be truly connected to the heart of home. He weaves extraordinary real life stories with esoteric knowledge and mysticism, taking us into realms beyond our everyday reality. He inspires us to find the key to make profound changes to all aspects of our lives and enhance our health, wealth, career and relationships and more. Be prepared to think of where you live in unexpected ways!


Sacred Space: What can we know of ourselves when we are in designed landscapes, buildings and nature herself?

  Speakers: Jeremy Rye and Jon Allen

A conversation between Jeremy Rye and Jon Allen on how conscious design can create places where we can reconnect to our sacred relationship with the land. We will explore the question of what is “ sacred" in our connection to land and buildings, and how this can work at this time



The Spirit of Place - An Evening of Poetry

  Speaker: Jack Gale

The Spirit of Place is an important component in many of tonight's poems. Most are focussed upon pagan and magical energies, often in a sacred landscape context. For the sake of balance, Jack Gale will also read some ostensibly non-magical poems. Greenwich and Glastonbury will feature prominently. He will conclude with words he discovered which cried out to be sung, so he arranged it in the time honoured 'Trad.' manner. This one has a chorus which we can all join in



Earthstars Group Open Meeting - A Beltane Celebration

  With: Chris Street
  Join us on Beltane Eve for a celebration of spring. Maureen Cowen will lead our Beltane Ceremony. The evening will include a talking stick conversation and meditation as usual. All welcome


Shakespeare and the Mysteries Initiations, Transmutations and Resurrection Fables in Three Shakespeare Plays

  Speaker: Julia Cleave
  In his portrayal of rustic Bottom in A Midsummer Night ' s Dream, Shakespeare plays one of his most serious jokes, a Rosicrucian lusus serius. Through subtle allusions to St Paul ' s Epistles to the Hebrews, the Colossians, the Corinthians and the Ephesians, Bottom ' s experiences of translation and most rare vision associate him with the greatest of all initiates. In the opening scenes of Antony and Cleopatra, Antony is explicitly compared to the great medicine or tincture of the philosophers, while Cleopatra, as serpent of old Nile, is identified with the alchemist ' s prima materia. Is the fate of the lovers to be one of tragedy or transmutation? A third example of Shakespeare ' s imaginative engagement with initiatic traditions is to be found in All ' s Well that Ends Well, with its motifs of death and raising. In particular, the ambush and trial of Parolles anticipates to a striking degree the rubrics and rituals of the Masonic Third Degree


The Call of the Pyramids. The Mysteries of the Visoko Valley and the Bosnian Pyramids

  Conference Event

Speakers: Semir Osmanagić Ph.D. (discoverer of the Pyramids and project director), Loraine Doherty, Urtema Dolphin, Nina Earl, Nigel Grace, Bob Harris, Adrian Incledon-Webber, Christian Kyriacou and Harry Oldfield

The Bosnian Pyramid, Visocica Hill, is the first European pyramid to be discovered and is located in the heart of Bosnia, in the town of Visoko. Apart from this largest structure, the Pyramid of the Sun, there are four more ancient structures on the site. There is also a network of underground tunnels under the pyramidal complex in Visoko. Who built these colossal structures? Why did they build them? Are the builders of the underground tunnels the same people who built the pyramids? This conference will reveal some of the results of the work to uncover these mysteries and what it tells us about the consciousness of the ancient civilisation who built them and why this is vitally relevant for us today.

Venue: Steiner House Theatre, 35 Park Road London NW1 6XT
Hosted by Sacred Space at Steiner House For details and registration contact:
marion@earthenergynetwork.co.uk or www.earthenergynetwork.co.uk


Alchemy Unveiled

  Speaker: Cindy Beadman

Records show that the hermetic art of alchemy was practised as early 2000 BC. Shrouded in mystery, its promise of the Elixir of Life or a method of turning base into gold, has obsessed mankind ever since, including such great minds as Isaac Newton. Though surprisingly few people understand what it actually is. This evening Cindy Beadman will give you a different perspective on the ancient art



Kingston Zodiac Walks

  Speakers: Jo Ward and Tony Charlton
  The Kingston Zodiac, discovered by Mary Caine, highlights the effigies of astrological signs which are imprinted in the landscape of the Kingston area. Jo & Trui will be sharing their experiences of walking the Kingston Zodiac during the specific astrological time, harnessing connections to the Earth spirit in the landscape to gain enlightenment, healing and personal transformation. The walks are guided to the locations that are needed for planetary and personal healing which often result in synchronicities that will astound!


How does Geopathic Stress affect me and what can I do about it?

  Speaker: Adrian Incledon Webber
  The important question is ‘How happy is your home'? When asked, most people like to say that their home has a good feel. However that is rarely the case. There is an unseen world out there that can have a profound affect on us, both mentally and physically. Collectively, these detrimental energies are called Geopathic Stress, which takes in noxious earth radiation, inherited human emotions, spirits and more. The leaching of your body's energies can be a subtle process manifesting itself as niggling day to day ailments that can lead to more serious problems as time goes on. In his talk Adrian will describe some of these energies, how they affect us and what we can do about turning our home into our castle or sanctuary. Adrian Incledon-Webber works as a full time Geomancer (Earth Healer), and is a past Vice President of The British Society of Dowsers and Chair of The Earth Energies Group as well as a Reiki Master and holistic masseur. Dowsing has been with him since he was a seven-year-old boy. http://www.dowsingspirits.co.uk


The Energy of Sacred Symbology

  Speaker: Lorraine Doherty
  Loraine will present her latest discoveries concerning the Ravne tunnels with their megaliths and their transmitter / receiver activity which has the potential for understanding a new yet ancient healing modality. This uses sacred symbology to access t h e w i s d o m and understanding of our connections to the greater consciousness, inspiring awareness of the paradigm shift taking place at this time. Loraine Doherty was guided to the Bosnian Pyramids by Higher Beings and has since been receiving information and teachings about the complex. Her work as a healer and energy worker over the last 20 years has developed through many phases, which now encompass many aspects of spirituality and exploration. www.ettraveller.com


The Music of Buildings

  Speaker: Christian Kyriacou
  Hear and feel the emotion encoded in the proportions of sacred buildings translate to audible harmonics. Christian will present a live audio visual experiential session connecting remotely to the spaces in buildings, our homes and in the landscape. Hear and experience the power of the underlying harmonics using musical instruments and our voices – listen to the whispers in the silence of space and to the harmonics of the pyramids in Egypt and in Bosnia. Christian Kyriacou designs buildings incorporating classical principles of architecture, sacred geometry, harmonics, geomancy and feng shui. His expertise as a composer enables him to fuse musical ratios into the music of buildings, spatial harmonics and energy matrix structures, in both his work as an architect and as The House Whisperer. www.Kyriacou.com


Water, Wisdom's Element

  Speaker: Louise Coe
  Water is the wholeness of all creation. Through water and its rhythms all living forms are created, The struggle between those who nurture and those who exploit water is ongoing. Why? Because we separate it from nature, which knows how to look after its water. As water brings the promise of new life, springtime is the ideal time to renew our relationship with water. Each of us is responsible for shaping the creation story of the future. It is our privilege to take care of our water for our children and grandchildren and this talk will be an exploration into ways to do that

Earthstars, The Goddess Grids and the Grail

  Speaker: Chris Street
  There was a great turn out for the last talk by Chris Street on Earthstars, The Goddess Grids and the Grail. There were others though who couldn't make it because of the Underground strike and the storms. So for the folks who missed it and for those who want to see it again (there was a lot to take in). This one is a Friday rather than the usual Thursday. The slideshow will be the same, but who knows what Chris will say on the night. The aim is to explain the involvement of the goddess with the Earthstars discovery, so there will be plenty of personal experience rather than geometry and mind boggling cosmic numbers

the Nature and Varieties of Pilgrimage

  Speaker: Paul Devereux
  Paul Devereux has been exploring ancient sites and landscapes for over 30 years producing two dozen books in that time. We are delighted to welcome him and share with us some understanding of the nature of pilrimage. His talk will be in two parts;"the Nature and Variety of Pilgrimage" is and audio visual presentation exploring the nature of pilgrimage and showing a variety of its forms including pre Columbian and native American pilgrimage routes, prehistoric veneration of landscape features and a possible Neolithic pilgrimage route that passes the singing stones at the source of the Stonehenge Bluestones. In the second talk "Walking with Spirits" Paul will talk about the various spirit ways, such as Faery Paths, Death Roads and Trance tracks, showing the history and nature of these features, giving a range of examples that can still be found and walked. For further information contact 01803 864680 or secretary@gatekeeper.org.uk

Fertility Rights and Rock Art at Laguna de la Janda

  Speaker: Karmit EvenZur
  Karmit EvenZur has been studying the area geomantically for the past two years. This talk will explore her findings about the Earth energies found in and around Laguna de la Janda and the practices prehistoric human beings carried out on the land. These include fertility rites and sacred practices that maintained an equilibrium between the human and natural worlds, a kind of energetic fertilisation process, turning the 'wheel of life'

Discovering the Voice of the Pyramid

  Speaker: Nina Earl
  Nina Earl in her talk on Discovering the Voice of the Pyramid will share her experiences of working alongside an international group of researchers who have been studying the Bosnia and Serbian pyramids. Led by Prof Paolo Debertolis, the group has most recently begun to focus on archeoacoustics (the Archaeology of Sound) and is one of a handful of academic institutions publishing research in this field

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