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Title Mark-Age
Venue Mark-Age, P.O. Box 10 Pioneer , TN 37847, USA
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Contact Phillel (Philip J Jacobs)
Email IAmNation@aol.com
Web http://www.thenewearth.org/markage.html
Mark-Age, Inc. is a nonprofit spiritual-educational organization founded in 1960. Our teachings are based upon the interdimensional communications of Nada-Yolanda, a prophet for the New Age and the Second Coming. Coexecutive directors are Phillel (Philip J. Jacobs) and Robert H. Knapp, M.D. International headquarters are in Pioneer , Tennessee , USA . The primary purpose of Mark-Age is to externalize on Earth the Hierarchal Board (spiritual government of our solar system) in preparation for the Second Coming in its dual meaning: second coming of each one's I Am Self, expressed through the mortal personality; Second Coming of Sananda/Jesus the Christ, Prince of Earth, in his resurrected, light body around the year 2000. We are in the prophesied Latter Days. This is the harvest time, the transition cycle between the ending of the old, materialistic age and the New Age of Aquarius, now dawning. This forty-year period (1960-2000) also is known as the Mark Age, or age of marks and signs when all on Earth know we are entering a new spiritual dimension of love, peace and brotherhood.


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