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The Wessex Research Group archive contains those lectures that have been digitised and are freely downloadable as a personal educational tool. Permission is sought for all other forms of reproduction.

Title: We Are Love
Speaker: Ann Hughes

Renowned as a living embodiment of St Francis of Assisi; Ann becomes a living conduit for St Francis in this talk. In so doing we get a unique view of humanities evolutionary journey; one that begins with the dinosaur era and has yet to conclude. Ann (St Francis) speaks about the various stages in our evolution and how at each one we learnt and evolved. She speaks of the role of Christ in awakening humanity to a new level of consciousness and how we are meant to become divine spiritual beings (co-creators) within a physical body

Title: Soul Alignment
Speaker: Ocean Whitehawk

A fascinating lecture that explores the idea that existence is multi layered. One the one hand we see a visible world; governed by time and structure. Then there is the world of energy, matrix upon matrix of energetic pattern, without time or form. In both worlds there is only consequence no right or wrong and we must remember that we are spiritual beings living out a physical experience rather than being physical beings having a spiritual experience every now and again. This lecture asks some fundamental questions e.g. why are we here? What actually matters in our lives? What is our plan? Ocean encourages us to think in terms the energy of things manifested in form rather than form itself

Title: Esoteric Healing
Speaker: Linda Dutton

Esoteric Healing considers the relationship between man and the universe; the idea of balance; the idea of working as a harmonious whole and the idea that everything is energy. Linda begins by giving some background to the subject of Esoteric Healing and the work of Alice Bailey in pioneering the techniques of Esoteric Healing and the healing of the energy field. She then leads a meditation before talking in more detail about the subject of esoteric healing and the causes of disease.

Title: Cycles of Catastrophe, Atlantis and the Secret Story of our Planet
Speaker: Nigel Blair

Nigel Blair talks about his research; a path that led him to look at Atlantis, Gnosticism, the Grail, Shambala, the spiritual significance of UFO’s, tribal legends, the Maya, ancient Egypt and the romantic movement. In all these areas he found the recurring theme; the idea of cycles of catastrophe. He then discusses Plato and the evidence for a continent called Atlantis and its sudden catastrophic demise. A fascinating talk bringing together many threads of human existence to produce the idea of a secret planetary story

Title: The Life and Work of Rudolf Steiner
Speaker: Peter Rendell

Peter starts by looking at the backdrop; the situation in Europe and events that cleared the way for the rebirth of esoteric wisdom at the end of the nineteenth century. He then talks in more detail about the life and work of Rudolf Steiner and its lasting impact


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