Wessex Research Group Network - Explained

The Wessex Research Group Network was founded and operates in the belief that;

That there is enormous potential within many people for growth of consciousness, but this is often stultified by the feeling of being alone in their quest, and the active fellowship of like-minded seekers will give them both the courage and belief to search for new things;

That a new kind of network is needed today, which is not confined to any one set of beliefs, but is willing to consider, and give a platform to, a wide range of topics and philosophies, so that each individual can make his choice, and come to his own synthesis;

That too many organisations in the past have been stifled by isolation. rules, rigidities and formal requirements, and that what is called for now is flexibility, adaptability, informality and open-minded co-operation;

That we should work with and for the general public, including a wide range of organisations such as libraries, bookshops, schools, further and adult education institutions, museums, societies, communities, research groups, spiritual movements, and the Christian Churches; whilst of course remaining independent;

That each region benefits greatly from having a pride in, and knowledge of the finest of its heritage and traditions, and that this is a sound basis for a wider concern with humanity.

That we should look to the future by giving prime emphasis to young people, especially those in their teens, and just beyond, who are increasingly showing enthusiasm for holistic and pioneering subjects; that we should work with teachers, schools, colleges, universities and other organizations when appropriate, for this purpose; that we should build on the open minded spirit of youth and embody and express its sense of adventure, enquiry and service.

Subject areas of special interest;

Whilst we do not confine ourselves to any particular range of topics or beliefs. many of us have special interests, and these include the followmg subjects;

Christianity, and in particular the transforming power of the Universal Christ Spirit under whatever name it goes and in whatever religious and cultural tradition it is manifested;

The true spiritual nature of the human being and in particular the possession by each individual of a Higher Self which guides him through his intuition, and which in turn is in contact with higher Christ Forces;

The idea of this life as providing a series of guided tests and opportunities to aid humanities growth of consciousness and responsibility;

The continuation of our life and growth after the transition we call death, in other dimensions of matter, time or space;

The awakening Ancient Wisdom of both West and East;

The World's Great Religions, their living teachings, mythology and history, and the growth of greater understanding between them;

The Universe around us. its influence upon us. and any intelligent extraterrestrial life it may contain;

The invisible energies and dimensions which may influence and nourish Man's world and the world of Nature;

The correct methods of treating and conserving our natural environment and particularly the animal kingdom;

The organic and holistic approach to agriculture, horticulture and nutrition, and the healing of both humanity and the land;

The great strides made recently in the fields of science, medicine and psychical research, and in particular their increasingly close approach to a spiritual perspective;

The many movements and organisations which are working to improve our treatment and understanding of our fellow human beings and their environment in many parts of the World;

Education in its many aspects and meanings; those fields of research and endeavour which pertain to young people, which attract their interest and lead to a more enlightened approach to their upbringing, studies, outlook, training and vocation; those areas which use fully their enthusiasm and energies and help them find fulfilment.

Our great heritage of literature, the arts, education, music and scholarship, and particularly those works which explore humanities deeper nature.

The great figures, movements and civilizations of history which have provided its positive and constructive impetus, and their counterparts in today's world; the forces of good wherever they are working;

The historical role of Wessex as the cradle of England, from which the country was united, and from which the English Royal Line sprang;

England's role in the world as a haven of tolerance and freedom, as a balance and a bridge between the old age and the new, and as a distiller of the wisdom of many spiritual traditions.

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