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Title Burnham on Sea Pagan Group

Community Centre, Berrow Road, Burnham on Sea TA8 2ET

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Contact Sue Thorne
Tel 07776306125
Email derwen73@gmail.com

We meet the fourth Tuesday of the month (Except in December) - 19:30. The Burnham on Sea Pagan Group meets on a regular basis. We have a speaker or topic of interest each month and hold open Rituals to celebrate the passing of the Wheel of the Year. We ask for a contribution of around Three pounds each evening to cover room hire costs and speakers fees.

20-12-19 Yule Rite plus stories and Poems with a Yule Theme
  Group Event:
26-11-19 Pagan Inspiration for Art
  Speaker: Eileen Long
27-10-19 Samhain Ritual
  Group Event:
22-10-19 Lions Light Aura Photography
  Speaker: Ian Fello
24-09-19 Bumblebees and Bumblebee Conservation
  Speaker: Lynn Ingram
22-09-19 Mabon Ritual
  Group Event:
27-08-19 Wheel of the Year. Stories Poems and Meditation
  Speakers: Sue and Phil
04-08-19 Lammas Ritual
  Group Event:
23-07-19 Traditional Fairies
  Speaker: Ronald Hutton
25-06-19 OBOD Druid
  Speaker: Matt McCabe
22-06-19 Solstice Ritual and Picnic
  Group Event:
28-05-19 Gifts of Nature. A Journey through the Aromatic Essences
  Speaker: Nandini
28-04-19 Beltaine Ritual
  Group Event:
23-04-19 From Hill Figures to Maypoles
  Speaker: Peter Knight
26-03-19 Alchemy of Sound Soundbath
  With: Bards of Avalon
17-03-19 Ostara Ritual
  Group Event:
26-02-19 Poetry and Meditation
  Speaker: Janine
03-02-19 Imbolc Ritual
  Group Event:
22-01-19 Does Our Environment Matter?
  Speakers: Sue and Phil
21-12-18 Yule Ritual
  Group Event
27-11-18 Chalice Mead
  Speakers: Issy and Mike
23-10-18 Roma
  Speaker: Natalia Ivend
13-10-18 Open Day
  Group Event:
  Time: 09.45 - 17.00. An open day with three speakers and two workshops. Speakers are Jan Harper-Whale: subject Whitwara. Peter Knight: subject Pagan Symbolism in Christianity and Carole Carlton: subject Magick, Healing, Seduction and Poison - Tales from the Fragrant Apothecary. Tickets are Ten pounds in advance and Twelve pounds on the day. There will also be book sales from Carole, Jan and Peter plus a few other stalls. Bring your own lunch
25-09-18 Wild Plants as Medicines
  Speaker: Brigit Anne McNeil
23-09-18 Mabon Ritual
  Group Event
28-08-18 Our Sacred Places Your Sacred Places
  Speakers: Phil and Sue
29-07-18 Lammas Ritual
  Group Event
24-07-18 Spells and How They Work
  Speaker: Peter Nash
26-06-18 The Ogham. Talking to the Trees
  Speaker: Sue Coulson



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