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Title European School of Theosophy
Venue Tekels Park, Camberley Surrey
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Contact The Organising Director: Ingrid Eberhard-Evans .
Postal address: Benglog, Llanddeiniol LLANRHYSTUD SY23 5AW Wales UK
Tel +44 (0) 1974 202958
Email ingridee@lineone.net
Web www.europeantheosophyschool.org

The European School of Theosophy was launched in October 1982 at Tekels Park, Camberley (England), with a one-week programme of intensive study. Subsequent Schools have offered similar programmes, the basis of the work being the modern classics of Theosophy, especially The Secret Doctrine and other writings of H.P. Blavatsky and The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett and related literature.
The School is an autonomous; the Directorate alone is responsible for its operation and development. The language of the School is necessarily English but its location may vary from year to year depending on the availability of suitable accommodation. Since its inauguration at Tekels Park in England, the School has met in Germany, Holland (ITC), Spain, Switzerland, Wales, Sweden, Dublin-Ireland, Athens-Greece, Edinburgh-Scotland, Venice-Italy and in Budapest-Hungary


The European School of Theosophy - Mind to Embrace


Location: The International Theosophical Centre. Naarden Netherlands

This poetical phrase from The Secret Doctrine arouses the spiritual intuition that the human mind has the potential to silently worship, understand and embody the Universe. Unlike a purely analytical and intellectualistic approach to life, an embracing mind experiences the world as a kosmos, a great, wonderful order. A central theosophical teaching is that our mind is essentially a deathless emanation of the kosmic mind. There is therefore a sacred relationship between divine ideation, nature's intelligent design and man's capacity to comprehend and honour both.

During this year's European School students are invited to explore together different aspects of this intimate relationship between the universal and the human mind. Using H.P. Blavatsky's writings we will examine, in 10 lectures and 7 study sessions, the vital connections between consciousness in the kosmos, the nature of our mind and the ideal of human perfectibility. Each day the focus will be on one specific topic which allows us to have a lucid and coherent exploration of the whole theme.

Topics include: the dynamics of the kosmic mind, divine geometry, the origin and dual nature of the human mind, psychic and noetic action, and the awakening of the higher mind. Speakers and study leaders will include David Roef, Pablo Sender, Joop Smits, Tony Maddock and Thea Deege.

October 2011

The next European School of Theosophy will be held in London





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