Title: Celtic Spirituality a Vision of Wholeness

Speaker: Anthony Duncan

Celtic spirituality is a religion of the heart rather than the head. Anthony begins by talking about the arrival of Celts to the British Isles prior to the arrival of the romans and the origins of Celtic spirituality. He then goes on to demonstrate its vision; the idea that creation is the transfigured image of the creator, with Heaven and Earth inextricably linked in that idea of creation. Anthony goes on to refer to ancient scripts and writings that demonstrate the depth of the Celtic spiritual tradition.

Title: Arthur and the Matter (the Spirit) of Britain

Speaker: Harold Blair

Harold Blair presents a detailed account regarding the decline of the Roman Empire in Britain and the start of turbulent times characterised by wars and invasions. He then describes how Arthur united various tribes enabling a post roman Britain which began to emerge and forge its political and spiritual direction.

Title: Redemption through the Power of Love 

Speaker: Sir George Trevelyan

In this lecture Sir George Trevelyan talks about the time in which we live and how we must strive to change and reconnect with a fundamental universal concept; that of love. Through love (rather than war, greed, ego and materialism) we can change the world for the better and reconnect with the spiritual universe, realising our living potential as the part of nature that has become conscious

Title: The Warrior Kings of Wessex

Speaker: Ralph Whitlock

Ralph begins an account that starts with King Egbert and ends with Ethelred the Unready and the arrival of King Canute. King Alfred is probably most famous warrior king of Wessex however this remarkable lecture shows that there was a long line of kings who fought the campaigns against the Danes and went on to unify England and shape history as we know it.

Title: The Art and Science of Spiritual Healing

Speaker: Brian Williams

Spiritual or divine healing features in all the worlds religions and cultures, with examples recorded in the Old Testament. Brian a healer for over 30 years recounts some of his experiences as a healer. How does spiritual healing work? Is it necessarily associated with ideas around faith or religious belief? Hypnotherapy (for example) can be used to heal spiritually as can absent healing. How does spiritual healing fit in with a world where scientific proof is constantly required

Title: The Secret Garden. The Way to the Heart

Speaker: Tricia Davis

What is the Secret Garden? How can this concept be used as a tool for self management, self realisation and understanding of our life’s journey? Tricia invites the listener to visit their secret garden through meditation before expanding on the relevance of the secret garden to the idea of the inner child and its relevance to the way we live our lives and our spiritual growth

Title: Merlin and Arthur. Warrior Kings or Ancient Gods

Speaker: Mervyn Hinge

Mervyn starts by considering Arthur as a mythical figure presenting evidence for his actual existence, largely based within the poems found in Welsh Celtic literary culture. He then talks about the excavations at various sites associated with Arthurs Britain

Title: We Are Love

Speaker: Ann Hughes

Renowned as a living embodiment of St Francis of Assisi; Ann becomes a living conduit for St Francis in this talk. In so doing we get a unique view of humanities evolutionary journey; one that begins with the dinosaur era and has yet to conclude. Ann (St Francis) speaks about the various stages in our evolution and how at each one we learnt and evolved. She speaks of the role of Christ in awakening humanity to a new level of consciousness and how we are meant to become divine spiritual beings (co-creators) within a physical body

Title: Soul Alignment

Speaker: Ocean Whitehawk

A fascinating lecture that explores the idea that existence is multi layered. One the one hand we see a visible world; governed by time and structure. Then there is the world of energy, matrix upon matrix of energetic pattern, without time or form. In both worlds there is only consequence no right or wrong and we must remember that we are spiritual beings living out a physical experience rather than being physical beings having a spiritual experience every now and again. This lecture asks some fundamental questions e.g. why are we here? What actually matters in our lives? What is our plan? Ocean encourages us to think in terms the energy of things manifested in form rather than form itself

Title: Esoteric Healing

Speaker: Linda Dutton

Esoteric Healing considers the relationship between man and the universe; the idea of balance; the idea of working as a harmonious whole and the idea that everything is energy. Linda begins by giving some background to the subject of Esoteric Healing and the work of Alice Bailey in pioneering the techniques of Esoteric Healing and the healing of the energy field. She then leads a meditation before talking in more detail about the subject of esoteric healing and the causes of disease

Title: Cycles of Catastrophe, Atlantis and the Secret Story of our Planet

Speaker: Nigel Blair

Nigel Blair talks about his research; a path that led him to look at Atlantis, Gnosticism, the Grail, Shambala, the spiritual significance of UFO’s, tribal legends, the Maya, ancient Egypt and the romantic movement. In all these areas he found the recurring theme; the idea of cycles of catastrophe. He then discusses Plato and the evidence for a continent called Atlantis and its sudden catastrophic demise. A fascinating talk bringing together many threads of human existence to produce the idea of a secret planetary story

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