Title: Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin’s Theory

Speaker: Michael Cremo

Michael presents evidence for extreme human antiquity which contradicts current Darwinian theory. Evidence is also presented that suggests that Darwinian theory is protected by a process of knowledge filtration thus denying us the truth about the origins of humanity. Author of Forbidden Archaeology, Michael is an internationally renowned researcher in human antiquity based at the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Title: Dreaming to Some Purpose

Speaker: Serena Roney Dougal

Why do we dream? What is the role of dreams in spiritual growth? Is dreaming a method by which we can communicate with the gods? Serena Roney Dougal considers the physiological process of dreaming in terms of what is actually happening and then discusses the ways in which we can work with, understand and interpret the meaning of dreams

Title: The Marriage of Heaven and Earth

Speaker: Stanley Messenger

Stanley examines the Cathar assumption that the world was created by the devil and that the transformation of matter in to spirit is fundamental to Christianity. "To align oneself with the second coming one must find the balance by which desire is transformed in to love with the Christ working through the heart rather than the head. This represents the next stage in the evolution of the earth".

Title: ET Landings and the Crisis on Planet Earth 

Speaker: Palden Jenkins

In a superb oration lasting nearly 150 minutes Palden Jenkins explores the realities of why extra terrestials are interested in humanity and why they would wish to visit our planet and communicate with us. He also considers what is required of humanity if it is to take its place within the wider universal community

Title: The Hibernian Mysteries

Speaker: Sylvia Francke

Described as the most ancient yet most modern of mysteries, the Hibernian Mysteries contain the information that can prepare humanity to carry its mission of individuality in to the future. What is the link between spiritually significant places such as Glastonbury and these mysteries?

Title: What’s the Matter with Spirit

Speaker: David Christie Murray

A fascinating lecture that contrasts what is meant by the paranormal, (a bridge between the material and spiritual realms) with what is meant by the spirit (all that any individual is capable of being in the context of eternity). David then relates aspects of consciousness to matter and energy explaining their inter relationships through scientific quantum theories and theological doctrine. Could the refinement of our physical being in to energy units of light, refined still further by the intelligence of our self consciousness realise our potential as spiritual beings?

Title: Human Values

Speaker: Satish Kumar

Are the values embedded in societal models representative of true human values? Satish begins the lecture by comparing human values in terms of ecological values, discussing Gaia, Deep Ecology, Shallow Ecology, Permaculture and Bio-regionalism. He then demonstrates how thinking globally yet acting locally can contribute to change and the birthing of a global human community that is based on equality, respect, love and sustainability instead of wealth creation, fear and the enhancement of our inability to trust.

Title: The Greek Spirit

Speaker: Howard Smith

What can we learn from earlier civilisations (the Atlanteans, American Indians, Indians, Persians, Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians) about consciousness and the essence of being? A lecture that provides an insight in to the cosmic evolution of human kind and in particular how consciousness was viewed by the Greeks through their philosophy and their use of the tradition of myth and legend

Title: Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose

Speaker: William Arkle

The human perspective is often concerned with the realities associated with a physical existence but how might our perspectives change can we raise ourselves to a higher level and recognise the significance of the conscious soul. In a fascinating lecture Bill considers three aspects of the soul and the soul's position in creation; from the point of view as our own human selves (do we believe that we have a soul), the angelic view of human beings and the view of the creator.

Further information about the life and work of William Arkle can be found at http://williamarkle.blogspot.co.uk

The site is the creation of Prof. Bruce G Charlton MD Professor of Theoretical Medicine, University of Buckingham

Title: The 12 Cosmic Laws: An understanding of how we can best be who we are

Speakers: Ann and Tony Neate

We are cosmic beings who have chosen to incarnate in to physical form here on planet Earth. In doing so we are governed by the natural laws of birth, growth and death, but it is the 12 Cosmic laws that govern the structure for spirit behaviour on a physical plane. Through understanding and working with them we can make decisions on how best to live and work energetically and in harmony with the cosmos, so speeding up the process of personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Title: An Introduction to the Ascended Masters

Speaker: Louise Hopkinson

An informative introduction to the idea of the existence of ascended masters and their role in assisting in the evolution of humanity and the Earth.

Like us, ascended master’s are on a journey of evolution; the evolution of the soul and consciousness. The speaker talks about the journey of the soul, the spiritual hierarchy  and the role of the ascended masters who work with the 7 energetic rays.

Title: The Law of Karma

Speaker: Ivor James

Title: The Law of Karma

Speaker: Ivor James

Karma (the universal law of cause and effect) is a twin doctrine to reincarnation. Together they enable the possibility for growth in consciousness and so evolution. 

This talk provides an explanation of the law of Karma; its role in providing us with the opportunity for development, as well discussing some of the misconceptions about the law.

Karma (the universal law of cause and effect) is a twin doctrine to reincarnation. Together they enable the possibility for growth in consciousness and so evolution. 

This talk provides an explanation of the law of Karma; its role in providing us with the opportunity for development, as well discussing some of the misconceptions about the law.

Title: The Doctrine of Reincarnation

Speaker: Ivor James

This talk examines the doctrine of Reincarnation (rebirth) and follows on from the talk on Karma by the same speaker.

Presented are the facts about Reincarnation, which although not readily accepted in the West, has been an important part of Eastern religion for thousands of years. Reincarnation offers the idea of rebirth and so the opportunity for continued development and learning through successive life times.

Reincarnation and Karma provide us with a universal template for living our lives with the emphasis on evolving our consciousness and so unfolding our divine potential. Such an approach requires commitment and effort on the part of an individual.

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