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Title: The Spirituality and Teachings of Native American Indians

Speaker: Dennis Renault and Richard Peters

Central to the spirituality of Native American Indians is their relationship with the Earth. Dennis and Richard who are of the Lacota and Ojwa tribes of North America provide us with many other insights including their perspective on events that unfolded in the Americas and the importance of tradition as a foundation for knowledge. As indigenous people they remind us that whoever we are; we are all of the Earth that is our common bond. Our task is to understand this and that everything is life, everything is sacred and that life is a circle. We must also recognise that we have to reconnect with the Earth if we are to move forward.

Title: Revelation Upon Revelation

Speaker: Jean Smythe

In this lecture Jean talks about her research on the subject of revelations; looking at the work of Edgar Cayce, Rudolf Steiner and Ivanov. A revelation is dependent upon ones capacity to receive it relates to the development of the body, the mind and the spirit - the evolution of the self. To go forward in the face of a revelation one needs courage, conviction and an understanding that we are all on a journey.

Title: Terra Lucida. The Light Earth and the Humanity of Light. Re-awakening to Shambala

Speaker: Carol Fraser

Carol begins the talk with an Indian mantra and meditation before sharing her insight and knowledge of Shambala and its relevance to humanity. She attempts to bring the listener towards the actuality of Shambala, a real place, yet one that does not exist in the physical plane, but in another higher dimension or energetic vibration. Carol tells of how our conscious human link to Shambala was severed at the end of the Atlantean epoch, a time when the Earth was more etheric. To reconnect with Shambala human being has to raise him or her self to a very high energetic vibration, one of purity, peace, freedom and truth.

Title: The Secret Garden. The Way of the Heart

Speaker: Patricia Davis

Patricia begins this talk with a meditation, a meditation of the Secret Garden . The Secret Garden is the way of the heart, the way of the inner child. She then goes on to talk about the relationship between the head and the heart and how it changes over time and affects our earthly lives. Despite the dominance of the head (the intellect and reasoning) it is the heart rather than the head that can help us most through our life's journey.

Title: Living Water

Speaker: Ted Pawloff

Ted bases this lecture on the book Living Water by Olof Alexandersson depicting the life of Viktor Schauberger. Viktor had a special and deep relationship with the energies of nature and an understanding of the subtle energies of water. Ted then goes on to talk about the energetic properties of water and its relevance as the key to life on Earth.This talk illustrates the need for humanity to work with rather than work against the natural flow of energy in nature. Only when we are in balance ourselves can we realise our true potential in respect of the elemental worlds

Title: From the First Pyramid to the Fall of Troy.
The Facts Behind the Myth

Speaker: Tom Chetwynd

A fascinating lecture in which Tom explores a period in history about which not a lot is known. Measures of time are unclear for it was not measured as it is now. Tom starts by looking at the value of the bible as a chronicle for the recording of history before considering evidence from ancient Egyptian texts and archaeological excavations

Title: New Options for Living

Speaker: Sir George Trevelyan

Sir George talks about the deeper meaning of networking and the emergence of a new society based upon higher values; compassion, love and cooperation. This new society evolves out of the old; it is the emergence of a holistic world view and a turnaround in our consciousness as we reconnect with the worlds of Spirit and Gaia and understand that everything is energy and everything is connected

Title: Music and Metamorphosis

Speaker: Anthony Rooley

In the first part of this lecture Anthony talks about the importance of the repertoire of 16th and 17th century music in terms of re-focussing our artistic efforts today. It was a period of innocence and inspiration, a time when the Lute and the minstrel took centre stage. Anthony talks about the origins of the Lute (the Queen of instruments), how it spread across Europe from its Arabic roots and how it is an instrument designed to draw the listener in. Anthony plays (on a Lute) three pieces of Elizabethan music before going on to talk about the divine role of the minstrel and renaissance music

Title: Raising the Planetary Vibration

Speaker: Wesley Tudor Pole

Wesley Tudor Pole presents us with the idea that a new ray of blended energy; one that combines cosmic wisdom and love has come to the Earth. This ray of energy provides humanity with an opportunity to move forward and upwards, reassessing our attitudes to the way in which we treat the Earth and all life upon it.

The speaker then goes on to talk about how a person might raise ones vibration through meditation, creative imagination and positive thinking and how this can counter negativity. Raising ones vibration requires one to look inwards and consider our relationship with the universe. It requires self-mastery, discipline and a belief that you are an indestructible being of light; ready to act of compassion and service to improve the planetary vibration through realigning with the elemental and spiritual kingdoms

Title: Japanese Buddhism

Speaker: Ganishan Rock

What is in a name? Ganishan begins by describing the meaning of his name and its implications before recounting his story, the journey that led him to Japanese Buddhism and beyond. He then goes on talk about the different branches of Buddhism

Title: Releasing Earthbound Souls

Speaker: Eddie Binks

Eddie recounts stories relating to his work with the spiritual worlds in helping to release earthbound souls. Souls can become stuck or trapped upon death for a variety of reasons prior to moving on into the Summerland or spiritual plane of illusion after death. He also talks about the process of self-reflection that takes place after death; when a soul analyses the last incarnation.

This fascinating lecture which reminds us about the continuity of consciousness after death, the idea that we are all multidimensional beings existing in a multiverse and that any psychic gifts should be used for service

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