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The Wessex Research Group Network archive contains those lectures that have been digitised and are freely downloadable as a personal educational tool. Further lectures can be found by clicking the buttons below as well as at Podbean, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


Title: From Pisces to Aquarius

Speaker: Chris Turner

In past times Astrology was often used to identify the impacts of longer cycles of time and the challenges that these bring. Chris applies an Astrological approach to outline the possible scenarios, challenges and outcomes associated with the passage from the age of Pisces to that of Aquarius. What are the challenges that humanity need to meet and transcend? And what are the influences of Taurus, Leo and Scorpio on the Aquarian age?

Title: Telepathy

Speaker: Dr Serena Roney Dougal

A talk that includes simple tests to gauge levels of extra sensory perception, Telepathy outlines the origins and development of psychical research, defining the meaning of terms such as clairvoyance, pre-cognition and extra sensory perception.

At an extra sensory level, information is readily available to all of us for the purpose of helping us through our daily lives. Serena discusses how some people chose to use this information and so their extra sensory faculties and the reasons why some of us remain closed and do not (perceptual defence)

Title: Gematria. The Numbers of Infinity

Speaker: Marke Pawson

Is the Hebrew alphabet is more than just a collection of letters, but rather a set of codes used to imprint a cosmic message in the Old Testament? Could this encoded information manifest itself in the design of sacred structures like the Tabernacle and medieval European churches and cathedrals? If so have we lost information that relates matter to inter dimensional energy flow?

Title: Light From Ancient Egypt

Speaker: Rev. Patrick Blackiston

A marvellous insight in to the philosophy and culture of ancient Egypt , it's ageless mystical qualities and its influence upon and relationship with esoteric Christianity. Patrick then plays examples of ancient Egyptian music and describes some of his own mystical experiences whilst visiting the country.

Title: A Layman’s Guide to Spirituality

Speaker: Barry Anson

Religion, Science and Spirituality present three very different perspectives on the idea of existence. Barry begins by defining and discussing the differences between religion, science and spirituality, the first two (science and religion) each presenting fixed views whilst the idea that we might be spiritual beings remains fluid, unempirical but possibly known of from within. He then talks in more detail about humanity as a spiritual entity

Title: The Golden Thread. Hidden Spiritual Themes in Literature

Speaker: John Howard

Where do poems come from, how do they originate and manifest? Could poetry writing be a form of mediumship with the poet receiving information from a higher source and fitting this into the structural framework of language? John examines this line of thought, discussing when the poet is acting as a channel instead of working with the conscious mind and the role of language in shaping the mystic effects of sounds and rhythms that are formed within a poem.

Title: The Significance of Leys and Power Lines

Speaker: David Furlong

David presents a variety of theories as to what Ley Lines are and what their purpose might be. Early pioneers such as Alfred Watkins saw them as alignments in the landscape that served as highways used by Neolithic man. Later theories link spiral and other earth energies to Ley Lines that were used by ancient peoples for healing and astral communication.  Donated from the archives of the Atlanteans

Title: Christ and the Feminine

Speaker: Stanley Messenger

How can the masculine contribute in the awakening of the feminine? And what is the role of the feminine within the context of the second coming? Stanley discusses the changing nature of the relationships as the Feminine awakens within the Christ impulse. The next step in the evolution of consciousness is to evolve to an integrated soul state of being where relationships do not rely on the polarity of male and female energies but on the understanding of the polarity. How will this affect our choice of partners and the nature of relationships?

Title: Discovering the Art of Spiritual Communication

Speaker: Josephine Sellars

The battle ground within, the relationship between the spiritual and material and conscious and sub-conscious aspects of our live's. In a fascinating lecture, Josephine recounts the story of her journey of inner growth, remembrance and development in the context of living an outer worldly life. She recounts how along the way she experienced past lives, interacted with mediums and the information they gave, telepathically communicated with guides and discovered dowsing, sacred sites and Earth energies.

Title: A Guide to Extraterrestrial Contact. How to Respond

Speaker: Palden Jenkins

Palden presents a five point plan based on his own encounters with UFO's and his work with cosmic beings. It outlines how we should respond to extra terrestrial contact. Would we as individuals be ready to shift our consciousness, awareness and perception so that our immediate response to spiders or robots that emanate unconditional love would be welcoming and open? What is required to ensure that humanity is ready to make the transition and take its place as part of a wider galactic community? Can answers be found within the context of our earthly existence?

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