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Title: The 7 Rays of Consciousness

Speaker: Dr Michael Ibison

Can the totality of consciousness can be expressed through a combination or blending of the seven rays? The first three are known as will, love / wisdom and intelligence, the remaining four are combinations of the first three (will and love, love and intelligence, will and intelligence or will, love and intelligence) and are known as harmony through conflict, concrete knowledge, devotion or idealism and ritual or ceremonial order. Michael then goes on to talk about the origins of the seven rays, their cycles of influence and their relevance to us in terms of explaining the consciousness of individuals, organisations and nations

Title: Freewill and Evil

Speaker: Nigel Blair

Humanity is that aspect of consciousness that is tasked with evolving out of its freewill into beings of unconditional love. In a fascinating talk that encompasses many subject areas, Nigel looks at the concept of freewill and how it presents us with what is this ultimate challenge. Can you have freewill without evil, does evil exist? Or is it something that comes from within ourselves; something derived through the ego?

Title: The Family of Isis

Speaker: Ann Neate

A fascinating lecture based on channelled information relating to the gods of Atlantis and Ancient Egypt and their role in restoring balance to the Solar System. Ann begins by discussing the importance of polarity and duality as a universal model; in particular the idea of a father / mother god (Osiris and Isis) as well as the idea of the positive and negative. She then talks about duality in relation to the on-going evolution of planet Earth.

Title: Atlantean Religion

Speaker: Patricia Davies

 Why is knowledge of the Atlantean civilisation important to us at this time of coming Earth changes? Patricia begins by talking about the connection between Atlantis, human beings and the beings that visited Earth from the Sirius constellation. She describes the extent of the Sirian influence upon the Atlantean epoch before talking in more detail about many aspects of Atlantean society and the relevance of those times to ourselves in this modern age.

Title: The Value of the Near Death Experiences in the Evolution of Consciousness

Speaker: Dr Raymond Moody

Raymond begins this lecture by describing what defines a Near Death Experience, how they are often catalysed by some type of crisis, indeed how such events might at the time seem to be a crisis in itself. His work as a psychiatrist has led him to conclude that Near Death Experiences can be instrumental in helping individuals take a quantum leap forward in the evolution of their consciousness because they represent the most profound experience of the self. One response to a crisis is to use it as a mechanism for growth something which near death experiences nearly always produce

Title: Adventure in to God

Speaker: Sir George Trevelyan

Sir George begins by discussing perceptions of what the self is. At what point is the self at one with the universe? The universe is one great mind, an ocean of living thought, and in each of us exists the totality of that universe. Humanity, a spiritual being in a physical body, is being asked to awaken and fulfil its potential as a divine being. To open to the universe letting go of our ego and tendency to intellectualise, is the great challenge of our time.

Title: The Confluence of Science and Religion

Speaker: David Lorimer

The renaissance was a time when humanity was infused with ideas. Great scientists who were also great esoteric adventurers, philosophers or artists came to the fore. David starts what is a fascinating talk by taking us back even further in time to Pythagoras; possibly the first great mystic and scientist. He then discusses the nature of science and religion in terms of human thinking. How did the two streams diverge? Is it a leap in human thinking that is needed to facilitate a confluence of the two? We need both science and religion (spirituality) for together they make a whole. What then prevents us from embracing this idea?

Title: Psychic Healing

Speaker: Kenneth Valkeitz

In a fascinating talk Kenneth, outlines what psychic healing entails. He begins by describing our relationship with the universe, how fluctuations in energy in outer space ripple out to affect the Earth and all life on it (As Above so Below). Everything is affected by energy and psychic healing restores energetic balance and well being. We all have the potential to heal if we trust the universe and allow ourselves to become vessels for the transmission of energy. Kenneth then describes how he works as a healer and recounts some of his experiences.

Title: Psyche in Transition

Speaker: Anita Gregory

Anita begins by discusses the role of psychology in studying consciousness, the key to understanding the inner nature of man's existence. She then goes on to describe how the nature of the psyche is changing, how more and more people are having inner experiences that are beyond a mechanistic perception of humanity, consciousness and existence.

Title: Spiritual Man and the End of an Age

Speaker: Peter Spink

In this lecture Peter examines the relationship between the cult, religion and the dynamic (the energy of transformation). He starts by defining each and then explores the characteristics of the relationship, how ideas form and come to manifest as cult, religious order and new age thinking.

Title: Yoga as a Way of Life. Wholeness through Yoga and Exercise

Speaker: Pauline Thelwell

We can live for weeks without food, for days without water but how long without breathing? The way we breathe can influence our health but how much attention do we pay to this fundamental process? Yoga reminds us of what we really are, complex beings outwardly anchored in physicality, yet with also an inner, spiritual side.

Pauline, a yoga teacher for many years describes how Yoga has been part of her life time journey of spiritual unfoldment. As a teacher she began to see how she could work with her intuition through Yoga to help and empower others. She then talks in more detail about the seven main aspects of Yoga from the idea of physical exercise, to consider the affects on the body's energy centres as well as the inner aspects of consciousness. A marvellous talk that also includes some simple exercises.

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